If you’ve seen our Proxri page, you know about proxri and ProxMonitors.

Since at this point, Artsdown is run by me, David Loughry, the ProxMonitor for Artsdown is basically my ProxMonitor. Later, as this grows and more people get involved, it will make sense to create a separate ProxMonitor for Artsdown.

Needed Now
Our Needed Now posts are part of our ProxMonitor. Maybe you can help, and that would be a proxri!

Artsdown fits into the larger scope of my projects related to variety, sustainability and proximity thinking, which I’ve been working on in one way or another for more than 35 years. In addition to time, I’ve invested a lot of energy and money over the years, and also passed up opportunities to make money in other ways. Artsdown, varietypeople.org, proxri.org, and another project related to sustainability are ways I’m working to implement some of the ideas of proximity thinking. As a result of the above, I’m still struggling financially and working several jobs. Your proxri will help my projects move along faster and with greater focus.

As Artsdown grows, and several of my other projects grow, I can use the help of web developers, marketers, attorneys and managers. If you would like to get involved in small or larger ways in one of these areas, that would also be a proxri for Artsdown.

Website Hosting
It’s possible the growth of Artsdown may at some point strain the server resources that WordPress.com can allocate to such a site. If you or your organization are interested in getting involved in that capacity at some point in the future, that would be a proxri for Artsdown.

Other Resources
Perhaps you are aware of other resources Artsdown does need or may need. Perhaps you have access to some of those resources. Providing access to those resources would also be a proxri for Artsdown.

With the above ProxMonitor in mind, if you wish to proxri, please use this link:
Proxri Artsdown