Are you viewing this site on your mobile?

Unfortunately, the theme we’re using is not very good on mobiles. But we’re stuck with it for now. This is the ONLY theme that allows anyone to post, which is a key and huge part of what this site could become.

Here are some of the limitations of this theme, when viewed on a mobile.

Can’t Post in Mobile Browser
On a computer, you can post new updates related to the arts in the browser on the Home page. In a mobile browser, you cannot post.

No Search
Unfortunately, and strangely, this theme does not have a search box on mobiles. So to search, you’ll have to visit the site on a computer.

No Titles of Posts
This mobile theme does not show the titles of posts.

No Landscape View
This mobile theme does not support landscape mode.

Tags Not Shown
On a desktop or laptop, this theme shows the tags for each post. But not on mobiles. This would greatly facilitate exploring.

No Sidebar
The sidebar shown on the desktop is not displayed on mobiles.

No Zooming of Images
Unfortunately, you can’t zoom into an image with this mobile theme.