Artsdown can help the arts be a vibrant part of daily life. For more, see About.

As mentioned in Who Can Post, if you are a member (anyone can be), you can post to Artsdown. Of course, anyone can comment on posts, so you do not need to be a member for that.

Your posts might be some of the following, or these might get you thinking of other possible posts.

• Creators can post works and links to their works (see also Suggestions for Creators).

• People can post links to their lists of favorite works and/or artists.

• Critics can post links to their reviews of downloadable and sharable works.

• Event organizers can promote events where download-making artists and/or their works will be present.

• Organizations, businesses and individuals can post products and/or services related to downloadable arts.

• People can post ideas and/or pictures about how they are using or exhibiting downloadable arts.

• Users and fans can post about their experiences with downloadable and sharable arts, and how these arts have affected or changed their lives.

• People can request or suggest needed downloadable arts or related products and services.

• People can let others know of problems or fraud related to arts and postings here.

What next? See How to Post!

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