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As mentioned in Who Can Post, if you are a member (anyone can be), you can post to Artsdown. Not just comment, but post. That’s no small thing, so please don’t abuse it. If you’re not yet a member, you can signup here (if you don’t want a blog, you can signup for just a username). Of course, anyone can comment on posts, so you do not need to be a member for that.

What would you post? Please see What to Post.

To Post: If you’re signed into, click Home on Artsdown and you’ll see an input box. Choose one of the four types of posts, which are Status Update, Blog Post (recommended if you want a title), Quote, or Link, and then enter your post, tag it (very important, see below), and click Post. It is possible to use HTML in the main post box, so images and links are possible. Please keep links to a minimum, like two or three.

Tagging is very important. Search is available, and good if you know what you’re looking for. But tagging is a great way for people find and filter info when they are browsing, or looking for groups of related things. Every post displays its tags (except on mobiles), and people can click the tags to find other posts with the same tags. When entering tags, separate them with commas. Tag your posts with words or very short phrases that describe key aspects of it. Your tags can have spaces between words, as long as each tag is separated by a comma. As you type, a drop-down list of suggested tags will appear showing similar tags other people have used.

Arts-Specific Tags: As applicable, tag with arts type (painting, music, photography, poetry, etc.), names (creator, event, business, etc.), general locations (country, state, city, etc.), descriptive keywords (portrait, funny, edgy, contemporary, moody, indie, etc.), media type (JPEG, PDF, MP3, etc.), and so on. Creators should also see Suggestions for Creators.

Location Tagging: If your post relates to some location, include general and specific tags, although leave the exact address for the body of the post. For example, include tags for the country, state/province, city and perhaps the neighborhood.

Remember, the focus here is downloadable and sharable arts files, so posts should relate to that. This site is not a place to announce, for example, gallery openings or music events that do NOT have ANY downloadable and sharable arts files.

NOTEAs you post, please remember that since this site operates within the network, your use of it is governed by the WordPress Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.