Easy downloading and sharing on networks creates opportunities for more variety, exploration, richer lives and rewards that relate. If certain information is attached to works, we can relate to and reward creators no matter how we access or get their works. And, networks let rewards for the works relate to the enjoyments, benefits, people and circumstances in the proximity. Such rewards are called proxri (see more below). While not required, we suggest you consider the use of proxri.

Proxri (pronounced prox’ree) is short for one or more ProxRewards, which are rewards made with the proximity in mind. Basically, you consider your enjoyment and benefits, your circumstances, the other party’s circumstances, and some related people and circumstances, and then proxri as appropriate. Proxri may include money, things, services, relationships, actions, etc. How can you know about other people’s circumstances? With ProxMonitors. Due to the nature of proxri, especially when ProxMonitors are used, both the type and kind of rewards may be more likely to flow where they are needed. Conversely, excessive rewards may be less likely, promoting more health and happiness. So whenever possible, look for people and organizations that accept a variety of kinds of proxri, and also provide their ProxMonitor for you. Both proxri and ProxMonitors are part of the ProxThink Growth Model, which you can read more about here. Here’s how to proxri people related to Artsdown:

• To proxri individual arts creators, there are several options: You can proxri arts creators directly from buttons or links in their blogs, websites, social media pages, or other places on the web. You can also proxri arts creators using proxri links found on or in the arts files that you downloaded or received from someone who shared with you. Sometimes, you may need to type the link address into a browser.

• To proxri WordPress, for creating and maintaining the web environment for Artsdown and individual creators’ blogs/websites, click here.

• To proxri Artsdown, for organizing and running this site, and developing the concepts behind it, click here.