How can you trust that arts creators you find via Artsdown are who they say they are? Or that they created the works? Or check for other problems people have had with arts creators? Or even problems with other users and posters on Artsdown? As in much of life, there are no guarantees, but there are things you can do, and we can do together, that can make a difference. Here are seven:

1. Check for Existing Posts
Check for existing posts by other people about the arts creator that are tagged with Fraud or Possible Fraud or other tags that raise concern. You can check by searching for the arts creator’s name in our Artsdown search box. Consider adding a comment to those posts to let others know of your experience with this arts creator. You might also find posts about good experiences people have had with arts creators or other users and posters. Much like reputation systems on other sites around the web, such posts can help us learn about the reputation and trustiness of people who post on Artsdown.

2. Post About It
If you don’t find other relevant posts about the arts creator (step 1 above), you can post about fraud or possible fraud and tag the posts. Add the tags Fraud or Possible Fraud as appropriate, as well as other helpful tags. Likewise, you might also post about good experiences you have had with arts creators or other users and posters. Much like reputation systems on other sites around the web, such posts can help us learn about the reputation and trustiness of people who post on Artsdown.

3. Use PayPal and Only Send Proxri to PayPal Verified Sellers
Using PayPal to proxri arts creators who are PayPal Verified Sellers will be more safe for several reasons: PayPal is well-known for having aggressive security and anti-fraud measures. PayPal Verified Sellers must have confirmed a bank account with PayPal or received approval for a PayPal Plus credit card. Plus, you can report fraud to PayPal and you can dispute PayPal transactions. If you’re unable to resolve a dispute you can escalate the dispute to a claim. For more about security and protections that PayPal offers, see this PayPal page.

4. Use Trusted Sites Like
Arts creators who offer their works via blogs/websites also may be somewhat more trustworthy. (We can also start a list of other hosting services that are more likely to be trustworthy, so contact us with suggestions.) As you can see in the WordPress and Automattic Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice (“DMCA”) Policy, they take copyright infringement claims seriously. Plus, they are a larger organization with a long history, and have resources and incentives to look into claims. You can tell that an arts creator’s blog/website is hosted on by the link at the bottom of pages that reads “Blog at”

5. Use Proxri and ProxMonitors
Due to the nature of proxri, especially when ProxMonitors are used by both arts creators and those deciding how to proxri, both the type and kind of rewards may be more likely to flow where they are needed. Conversely, excessive rewards may be less likely, promoting more health and happiness. So whenever possible, look for arts creators who accept a variety of kinds of proxri, and also provide their ProxMonitor for you.

6. Consider Human Nature
We also have some facts of human nature on our side, as well as the structure of Artsdown itself. Since there is no guarantee that arts creators will ever get proxri for their work posted on Artsdown, it may be more likely they are doing it out of passion for their work. Plus, being a cheat can become boring, unfulfilling and reduce possibilities and variety in life. But we may also need to tolerate the possibility of a few cheats, for a couple of reasons: trying things is how some people need to learn, and perhaps some cheater’s lives are so bad that if they weren’t doing this, they might be doing something worse. Enough variety in life is a big part of health, happiness and sustainability. Artsdown can make possible a greater variety of arts in our lives. Let’s accept some variety in the kinds of people we may connect with via Artsdown, and encourage them and others in the pursuit of enough variety.

7. It’s Up to Us has provided the cool functionality for anyone to post on this site. It’s up to us to make the most of it. Let’s make a sustainable proximity that enhances our lives and the lives of others.

We are open to other ideas, so drop us a note.