Photographers and Artists: Add Proxri Info to the Image Itself

This post relates to images shared on Facebook and social media and Artsdown as well. People can easily send your work anywhere, so you might as well offer them the chance to proxri you and/or get in touch!

Proxri, for lively proximities.

If you post a public image to Facebook, they will let anyone download a nice high resolution version of it (like 1473 x 2048 pixels). Facebook will also strip out pretty much all of your metadata, including important things like the IPTC copyright status field with the copyright status and your copyright URL for getting in touch. On top of that, Facebook will change the filename to a bunch of numbers. Many other social media sites probably do the same (if you know, please post in the comments). WordPress leaves most of the critical IPTC info and does not change the filename to numbers, but I bet WordPress is an exception. In a recent upload, Facebook did leave my copyright notice in the metadata file info, and I included a website in that notice, but most people would not include a website there, and they removed all references to proxri in my…

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